100 things

I’m a few years behind everyone else, but I finally did one of those 100 Things About Me lists.

  1. My birthday is October 1.
  2. I’m a Christian.
  3. Keeping Romans 8:28 in mind encourages me during bad times.
  4. My family and I have attended the same Southern Baptist church since 1986.
  5. My home is in Alabama – specifically, Athens.
  6. I have an apartment elsewhere to be near work.
  7. I have one sibling, a sister named Sara who is four years older than me. My only sibling, Sara, is four years older than I am.
  8. I have a degree in Civil Engineering, with a minor in Math.
  9. I also have a strong aptitude in English, and spelling/grammatical mistakes annoy me.
  10. But yes, I make them too.
  11. I tend to answer questions in complete sentences.
  12. Having been a waitress, I’m extra nice when talking to employees at restaurants/stores I visit.
  13. I was fired from a brief job at a telephone answering service for being “too nice” to tell irate callers what they didn’t want to hear.
  14. For years, I worked two jobs.
  15. One semester, I worked three.
  16. Because I worked my way through college, it took me longer than four years to finish.
  17. I’m still glad I did it the way I did.
  18. After two years of looking, I found a job in my field of study.
  19. I like my job and the people I work with.
  20. My father passed away in 1998.
  21. All of my grandparents have passed on as well. I never knew my grandmothers.
  22. I’ve never owned a dog, but for years, I’ve wanted one.
  23. My family’s always had cats.
  24. I have a mildly suspicious nature, so I don’t post details like my real last name, my place of employment, pictures of my car, etc.
  25. I have a boyfriend named Jeff.
  26. In over a year of dating, I’ve not yet told my boyfriend about my websites.
  27. He might have found them if he’s investigated the source of a graphic I’ve emailed him.
  28. If he does find them, I hope he doesn’t tell me.
  29. I love it when a guy wears Halston cologne. (The kind for men, of course.)
  30. Unfortunately, Jeff isn’t into cologne.
  31. When I was in high school, I wrote a lengthy fanfiction story about meeting Richard Grieco.
  32. My most recent celebrity crush was Tobey Maguire.
  33. Now that he has a child, he’s much less attractive to me. I don’t date men who have children.
  34. I consider myself an atypical woman in that I’ve no desire to get married or have kids.
  35. I’ve felt that way since I was a child.
  36. I grew up with my family in debt, so now I tend to be frugal.
  37. I am a packrat.
  38. My high school graduating class consisted of approximately 45 people.
  39. I’m one of those people who feels cold while everyone else is comfortable.
  40. To date, I’ve never broken a bone.
  41. I only had three wisdom teeth. They’ve all been removed.
  42. I’ve never had braces, but my teeth are (mostly) decent-looking.
  43. Still, I don’t often give a toothy smile in pictures.
  44. I once appeared as a model in an ad for the clothing store where I worked.
  45. Usually, I exercise at least twice a week.
  46. I don’t tan well.
  47. I am a vegetarian.
  48. Typically, I have coffee in the morning, then drink water for the rest of the day.
  49. I prefer my coffee with real milk and no sugar.
  50. I only drink sodas when I’m sick or traveling.
  51. I don’t eat out much. I prefer to cook my own food.
  52. At one point, I had 17 email accounts.
  53. I started my first website on April 18, 2001.
  54. Without looking, I’m not sure exactly how many I have now. Somewhere between 10 and 20, I guess, depending on how you define “website.”
  55. Although I’m no expert, I wrote up a list of web design tips.
  56. I do not like talk radio or talk shows. Or reality shows. Except Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  57. I don’t watch any current TV shows, but I loosely follow a few by reading recaps on the Internet.
  58. I spend my TV-watching time on DVDs of my favorite old shows.
  59. In 2005, some other fans and I met the Guys Next Door.
  60. Lately my celebrity obsessions are more character obsessions, and the biggest is Wolverine from the X-men movie series.
  61. I love music of most kinds, but not so much rap.
  62. I know at least most of the lyrics for a large number of songs, especially songs from the ’80s.
  63. I sing in the choir at my church, and while I’m driving around in my car.
  64. When I was a bit younger, I sang several solos at church.
  65. I was on the volleyball team my senior year in high school.
  66. During lunch time at school, sometimes I hid in the restroom rather than be stuck looking for a place to sit.
  67. Because of that, I still I hate going to a busy cafeteria, holding a tray of food as I scan the room for an empty table.
  68. Needless to say, as a teenager, I was extremely shy.
  69. As an adult, I’m much more self-assured, even though I consider myself an awkward dork.
  70. I’m still quiet around large groups. (Large being five or more people.)
  71. Most of the time, I’m not the best at making conversation.
  72. I’m a really good listener.
  73. I am ridiculously expressive when I talk.
  74. This is why I’m more comfortable expressing myself in writing.
  75. I also like that writing allows me time to compose my thoughts.
  76. I know I have PMS when I get extremely peeved over some little thing.
  77. Most of the time, I’m very even tempered, and I rarely get really angry.
  78. I don’t follow sports or politics with any regularity.
  79. I tend to acknowledge that there’s another side to an issue, even if I don’t agree.
  80. I hesitate to label any one thing as my favorite, since I like different aspects of similar things.
  81. I hate it when people call Christmas “Xmas.” (Don’t give me that “X is an old abbreviation for Christ” excuse: today, that’s hardly common knowledge, yes?)
  82. Another pet peeve is when people interrupt me while I’m speaking.
  83. I’m soft-spoken, but I’d appreciate people showing the same respect I do by listening.
  84. According to an on-line test, I have an IQ of 131.
  85. I’m logical, and I tend to look for patterns in things.
  86. I’m very visually-oriented, and seeing things helps me remember them.
  87. Because of this, I do not watch horror movies.
  88. I haven’t yet bought anything on ebay. I don’t even have an account there.
  89. If I could have one super-power, it would be the ability to fly.
  90. One of my biggest dreams is to have a house built. This house.
  91. Between work (usually over 40 hours a week) and my hobbies, I very rarely get bored.
  92. I’ve taken over 2000 pictures since 2003, and over 400 of them are posted here.
  93. I’ve had my current car since August of 1998.
  94. When I was really young I stole a roll of Life Savers from a store, and my mother insisted on going back and paying for them.
  95. I often paint my toenails, but hardly ever my fingernails.
  96. I can’t stand to kill insects. I usually catch them in something and put them outside.
  97. I’ve been accused of being goofy.
  98. I think being goofy can make a person more interesting.
  99. It’s certainly more fun than the alternative. 😉
  100. I worked on this list on and off for almost a week. I plan to update it when something changes.
  101. You can find more (entirely too much) information about me at this site.

4 thoughts on “100 things

  1. Hi, Anne. (I like Anne’s with an e.)

    I enjoyed reading your list.

    How do you maintain so many websites?

    A Princess Bride page you did tickled me with its Lessons Learned. Two I particularly liked are:
    * Even when it appears to be over, it might not be over.
    * Sometimes there are happy endings.

    I found your web design tips mentioned in number 55 to be helpful. I’m a self-taught HTMLer and can use all the help I can get.


    PS Oh, crumb, should that be P.S.? There is a rule that says when correcting someone’s on-line grammar or spelling, the commenter (commentor?) will, in turn, make an error. I take refuge in number ten above. Anyway, forgive me, but in light of number nine on your list, number seven could use some attention.

  2. Hello, John!

    Thanks for the comments – and about multiple sites, too!

    Ooh, and thank you for the correction. Would you believe I did that on purpose? Yeah, no one else would believe it either. :blush:


    P.S. My secret for maintaining lots of websites? Update them sporadically. 😉

  3. Ha. Did I really say, “Anne’s with an e?” I, of course, meant “Annes with an e.” Oh, crud, I don’t know. Never correct someone else’s site.

    Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed your writing. Don’t give up the blog(s).


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