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look at all these rumors

Today at work a meeting was announced for 11:45, but, thanks to a stop at the restroom, I was almost late. Walking toward the door to the meeting room (aka “the break room”) at 11:45, I heard that Chuck, the speaker, had already started. I briefly thought, “Should I just skip it?” But I pushed ahead.

On the way in, I passed a guy on his way out. Before I could make it through the crowd at the door to go stand at the back of the room, I heard Chuck say, “Anne! Would you come and stand beside me, please?”

Sigh. Never ignore your Inner Voice when she tells you to skip a meeting.

I was told later that right before I’d entered, Chuck had asked for “five outgoing people” to volunteer. I’m sure people then thought, “And he picked Anne?!” In the absence of outgoing volunteers, I guess Chuck opted to make an example of the late newbie.

So, Chuck picked three other people, and we stood aside while he explained the reason for the meeting: he’s tired of all the rumors he’s been hearing about the fate of our company. The rumors have got to stop, they’re out of control, blah, blah, blah. To make his point, he told the other three to step outside while the fifth volunteer (the guy I’d passed on the way in) came back in. Chuck explained that #5 had just spent time carefully reading a story; #5 would tell me the story from memory, and I in turn would repeat it to the next volunteer.

Great, I thought. We’re playing the rumor game. The one I played years ago at a fifth-grade sleepover.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel myself red-faced embarrassed during any of this. Did I mention that this was in a room full of about fifty people? Yes, very surprising indeed! I simply listened to the guy’s story, repeated it badly to the next guy, and watched Chuck stand there so pleased with himself that his real-life example was working the way it was supposed to.

Anyway, the topic of rumors always reminds me of one of my favorite email exchanges with my boyfriend:

Him: “… That’s how rumors get started, you know.”

Me: “I thought they were started by the jealous people…?”


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the shower scene

The shower in my apartment had issues from the start. My first few showers in it were actually quite painful, because even on a moderate setting the water emerged from the shower head at such a high pressure that it actually stung. Happily, I quickly fixed that problem by taking the shower head off, cleaning it, and adjusting the flow. The resulting flow was even better than I expected because it turned into a lovely, soothing gush of water with a nice firm amount of pressure.

This has continued for the past few months. This morning, however, I noticed a bit of water dripping from the lever that switches the water up to the shower from the tub faucet. (Yes, this is a fairly old faucet setup.) I tried to tighten it up by twisting the head on a little, but when it came time for my shower, the water would not all go to the shower head. About half of it continued to emerge from the tub faucet, no matter what I tried. I foolishly kept trying to fix this while the water was running, forgetting the other plumbing issue: due to the fact that there is no low setting, the hot water is quickly drained.

So I ran out of hot water with conditioner still on my hair. SO not the way to start my return to work after two extra days off for Christmas. As I rinsed my hair in the sink – in cold water, grr – I thought about a scene from the movie Valentine where one potential victim’s water suddenly stops, and she resorts to rinsing her hair out in the toilet. So, yeah, things could be worse.

I tinkered with that (censored) switch, and I think it’s better, although it’s still not back to where it was.

Anyway. I hope you all had a nice Christmas! As I mentioned, I had the past two days off as well as the weekend, so that was *really* nice. I did develop a bit of the sniffles and more than a bit of laryngitis starting a week ago Saturday. My boyfriend was sick also, but apparently he had a worse strain, since we had to cut our day short because of it. As of this evening, I’m feeling better. I can almost talk again, but the true test of my wellness will be how much I cough as I’m trying to go to sleep. For my neighbors’ sakes, I hope it’s minimal.

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now I’m in the funny box

Today two of the team leaders treated seventeen of us in the engineering department to lunch at the Cracker Barrel.

I rode with two of the guys, and one of them is the engineer who checks the work of me and my officemate. The engineer mentioned that he has a project waiting for OfficeMate, who has been out sick all week. The engineer added, “It’s really pretty easy.” Knowing how angry OfficeMate got over his last “easy” assignment, I suggested that the engineer not use that phrase, opting instead to say, “Even [the boss] could do it.” I guess that caught the guys completely by surprise because they both cracked up.

Later, one of the team leaders was trying to track down some information for me from a customer about a project. During the call, the customer declares that so-and-so about the project needs to change. After hanging up, the team leader said that the customer was crazy, since we don’t have the drawings he said that he sent. I asked, “Did you tell him to put the crack pipe down?” The engineer was nearby, and he laughed and said that I’m really starting to loosen up. This prompted him to call a passerby over and repeat my quip from the ride back.

I like that they think I’m loosening up, although how loose I am depends on who is around. (Hmm, was that the best way to phrase that?) I *do* love to make people laugh; it makes me feel as if I’ve really made a connection with them.

Still, now I feel like I’ve set a new standard for myself, like people are going to expect me to say funny things more often. And that? Just might drive me back to Quiet Mode.

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mad skills

At work today my officemate commented that there are a lot of extremely moody people at work. But, you know, somehow? I don’t think he was referring to his seething rage this morning as he talked about a certain project…

Later, the Anne’s boyfriend episode was casually mentioned, and I lightly said, as the slightest hint of an apology, “I guess that was *my* day to be moody…” Looking back, I can admit I overreacted. Heck, I could admit it that day, but I really was irked. And my officemate should understand, because just today someone threatened to show a funny picture of him at a meeting tomorrow, and he declared that he doesn’t like to be the center of attention. In any case, I was told during another conversation with someone else to brace myself because the Nebraska-boyfriend thing will probably be brought up again at some point. Yes, I have realized this, and I think I’m over it. We’ll see…

The topic was brought up again today because some of the guys from Nebraska were visiting. (One of them told me I could do much better than that guy, btw. Thanks, Steve!) 

At one point, I was working with two other Nebraska guys, and I’d asked a question. One replied basically that so-and-so just does that sometimes. “Don’t ask me why,” he says. So of course, I reply, “But why?” A third guy laughed heartily – I guess you had to be there 😀 – and another guy asks him, “Oh, have you worked around Anne before?” He said it with a smile, and in a sort-of familiar way, as if he expects me to say clever (or possibly zany/goofy) things like that.

Maybe I’m not telling it well, but, given my wee-small crush on the guy who said it, it was nice.

On a side note, does anyone else find themselves thinking all of these less-than-professional thoughts at work? :blush:

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I’m finally done with my 100 Things list, only slightly behind schedule. You can find the link in the sidebar at the right.

Now, I’m going to watch a DVD, get ready for bed, and try to stay warm on this, supposed to be the coldest night of the year so far, where I live.

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ten things

I’m working on one of those 100 Things About Me lists. I’m up to about 70 so far. Hopefully, I can finish it tonight, and I’ll add the link in the sidebar.

Here’s some of what I’ve listed so far:

  • As a teenager, I was extremely shy.
  • As an adult, I’m much more self-assured, even though I consider myself an awkward dork.
  • I’m still quiet around large groups. (Large being five or more people.)
  • Most of the time, I’m not the best at making conversation.
  • I’m a really good listener.
  • I am ridiculously expressive when I talk.
  • This is why I’m more comfortable expressing myself in writing.
  • I also like that writing allows me time to compose my thoughts.
  • I tend to acknowledge that there’s another side to an issue, even if I don’t agree.
  • I hesitate to label any one thing as my favorite, since I like different aspects of similar things.