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ten things

I’m working on one of those 100 Things About Me lists. I’m up to about 70 so far. Hopefully, I can finish it tonight, and I’ll add the link in the sidebar.

Here’s some of what I’ve listed so far:

  • As a teenager, I was extremely shy.
  • As an adult, I’m much more self-assured, even though I consider myself an awkward dork.
  • I’m still quiet around large groups. (Large being five or more people.)
  • Most of the time, I’m not the best at making conversation.
  • I’m a really good listener.
  • I am ridiculously expressive when I talk.
  • This is why I’m more comfortable expressing myself in writing.
  • I also like that writing allows me time to compose my thoughts.
  • I tend to acknowledge that there’s another side to an issue, even if I don’t agree.
  • I hesitate to label any one thing as my favorite, since I like different aspects of similar things.

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