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now I’m in the funny box

Today two of the team leaders treated seventeen of us in the engineering department to lunch at the Cracker Barrel.

I rode with two of the guys, and one of them is the engineer who checks the work of me and my officemate. The engineer mentioned that he has a project waiting for OfficeMate, who has been out sick all week. The engineer added, “It’s really pretty easy.” Knowing how angry OfficeMate got over his last “easy” assignment, I suggested that the engineer not use that phrase, opting instead to say, “Even [the boss] could do it.” I guess that caught the guys completely by surprise because they both cracked up.

Later, one of the team leaders was trying to track down some information for me from a customer about a project. During the call, the customer declares that so-and-so about the project needs to change. After hanging up, the team leader said that the customer was crazy, since we don’t have the drawings he said that he sent. I asked, “Did you tell him to put the crack pipe down?” The engineer was nearby, and he laughed and said that I’m really starting to loosen up. This prompted him to call a passerby over and repeat my quip from the ride back.

I like that they think I’m loosening up, although how loose I am depends on who is around. (Hmm, was that the best way to phrase that?) I *do* love to make people laugh; it makes me feel as if I’ve really made a connection with them.

Still, now I feel like I’ve set a new standard for myself, like people are going to expect me to say funny things more often. And that? Just might drive me back to Quiet Mode.

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