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the shower scene

The shower in my apartment had issues from the start. My first few showers in it were actually quite painful, because even on a moderate setting the water emerged from the shower head at such a high pressure that it actually stung. Happily, I quickly fixed that problem by taking the shower head off, cleaning it, and adjusting the flow. The resulting flow was even better than I expected because it turned into a lovely, soothing gush of water with a nice firm amount of pressure.

This has continued for the past few months. This morning, however, I noticed a bit of water dripping from the lever that switches the water up to the shower from the tub faucet. (Yes, this is a fairly old faucet setup.) I tried to tighten it up by twisting the head on a little, but when it came time for my shower, the water would not all go to the shower head. About half of it continued to emerge from the tub faucet, no matter what I tried. I foolishly kept trying to fix this while the water was running, forgetting the other plumbing issue: due to the fact that there is no low setting, the hot water is quickly drained.

So I ran out of hot water with conditioner still on my hair. SO not the way to start my return to work after two extra days off for Christmas. As I rinsed my hair in the sink – in cold water, grr – I thought about a scene from the movie Valentine where one potential victim’s water suddenly stops, and she resorts to rinsing her hair out in the toilet. So, yeah, things could be worse.

I tinkered with that (censored) switch, and I think it’s better, although it’s still not back to where it was.

Anyway. I hope you all had a nice Christmas! As I mentioned, I had the past two days off as well as the weekend, so that was *really* nice. I did develop a bit of the sniffles and more than a bit of laryngitis starting a week ago Saturday. My boyfriend was sick also, but apparently he had a worse strain, since we had to cut our day short because of it. As of this evening, I’m feeling better. I can almost talk again, but the true test of my wellness will be how much I cough as I’m trying to go to sleep. For my neighbors’ sakes, I hope it’s minimal.

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