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rock me, Amadeus

Yes, the title is another shameless attempt to get my site to show up on search engines. 😉 Hmm, in keeping with that the blog’s name, perhaps I should make all the entry titles relevant to song lyrics? Okay, maybe not all of them, but that’s definitely something to fall back on when my mind draws a blank.

And lately, as tired as I am, my mind draws a blank quite a bit, especially as I try to sit at the computer after a long day at work. Yet, I soldier on. This week I plan to finish adding the information for the season five MacGyver episodes, and, with that task accomplished, I’ll take a wee break from the Mac site to focus on finishing the redesign of another website.

Oh, but I was talking about Mozart. Wasn’t I? :reads: Okay, not *technically* . . . but I meant to. I did mention that my mind wanders, right? Right. This is why, starting last night as I’m at the computer, I listened to a CD of Mozart’s music as performed by the London Symphony. I purchased it at the Dollar Tree about the time I got my new apartment. I loved the idea of sitting around, oh-so-cultured – hey, stop laughing, it could happen – listening to classical music as I worked sudoku puzzles. So far, I think I’ve done that only once and with the other classical CD I got: Tchaikovsky. (Man, I wish they’d had a Beethoven instead.)

Anyway, I love to listen to the more current music I loaded on my computer, but it’s really hard to focus on MacGyver quotes and episode summaries when I want to stop and sing along with every song that plays. So, it’s the lovely, wordless Mozart to the rescue. Hopefully, this will also help me get back to my other goal for getting the classical CDs: being able to identify the works when I hear them. I can picture myself saying in a very posh voice, “Why yes, I believe that *is* the Minuet and Trio from Mozart’s Symphony No. 39 in E flat.” Note to self: start looking over the names of the pieces as they’re playing.

Plus, didn’t I hear somewhere that working with classical music in the background can help make one smarter? Yeah, I’m still waiting . . .

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