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a naked face in Omaha

Things at work have slowed down, and *that* makes for some long days.

Unfortunately things have also slowed down at our parent company, so the powers that be have decided that this is the perfect time to continue training Officemate and me. So yes, very soon I’ll be making another trip to Nebraska.
Wouldn’t you know? Just as the weather here in Alabama is starting to warm up a little, I get to leave that behind and travel to where above freezing is considered a heat wave. Sigh.
Well, I’ll go, but I won’t be pretty. (Some may think that goes without saying. :shrug: Eye of the beholder, my friends.) I plan to wear no makeup. The minute some arctic blast hits me, my eyes will water and my nose will run, so what would be the point of makeup? Ditto for hairspray, since those chilly gusts will destroy a ‘do in record time. I plan to wear one of those knit hats most of the time.
I’m planning to take my digital camera to avoid repeating the worry that I’ve sent my film through the wrong X-ray equipment. With it being so cold, I can’t imagine that I’ll be doing much sight-seeing, but since I may get to see more snow than I’ve ever seen in real life, that will be worth a photo or two. Also, if I don’t get some pictures of the Omaha skyline this time, I will consider the trip a complete waste.

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