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back on Earth can feel as cold as ice

My second trip to Nebraska has come and gone, making Nebraska – if I’m not mistaken – the state I’ve spent the second most time in. :applause and fanfare:

The flights were, happily, uneventful with no major delays. My hotel room was on the second floor (Hmm, there’s some sort of second theme going on here…), and it was much quieter than the one I had last time, on the first floor right next to the desk clerk.

As planned, I wore no makeup. I had told myself that there wasn’t anyone there for me to impress, and that’s true, but I noticed that there are quite a few attractive guys there. I know, I know. I’m the silliest, most unprofessional girl ever. :sigh: But the *really* funny part is that I actually felt attractive too, like the guys I was noticing were noticing me back. :laughs heartily at self: I wouldn’t think of pursuing it, but it’s kinda nice to feel appreciated, even while recognizing that it’s probably all in my head.

Anyway, while I was in Nebraska, the bigwigs announced that they’re reorganizing the company a bit. Needless to say, despite their talk that only customer service would be relocated to Nebraska, concern hung in the air, and I felt like a traitor for not being there, even though my absence was not my own doing. Officemate and I emailed quite a bit, letting each other know that we still hadn’t heard anything.

Finally he wrote about the three or so guys that were being moved. One of them I’ve had a teensy crush on, and I really hate to see him go. For reasons I won’t go in to, it just seems to me that the bigwigs are doing this guy wrong, and I kept dwelling on the wrongness of it all. That guy was in my thoughts quite a bit, and I can’t tell you how many times Milli Vanilli’s “Girl, I’m Gonna Miss You” played in my head. (Shut up, it’s a good song to angst to.)

As a follow-up to this, when I got back to town, I stopped for groceries on the way to my apartment. And who do I hear calling me as I’m completely absorbed in looking at breakfast bread? Yep, Teensy Crush Guy. (I shudder with embarrassment when I wonder exactly how long he’d been trying to talk to me before I noticed him.) He asked how Nebraska was, and I replied, “Great.” He said, “You lie.” I conceded, “I lie…” We chatted a bit, and he said something about the transfer. I said, “Oh, so you *are* going then?” He said that he was for a little while.

We parted ways, and I realized that I had been half-hoping he’d hang out for a while, maybe ask me about dinner or something. Yes, we’re totally different, and pursuing anything would be foolish, and I have a boyfriend, for Pete’s sake … I’ll just say that I had a rather uneasy trip, and seeing TCG after I’ve thought about him so much this week really caught me by surprise.

Back to the topic of my trip, yesterday, I posted a slideshow with eighteen pictures. I was trying to turn it into a photo essay, but that didn’t really work out. (Sorry, but I just couldn’t capture myself angst-ing, lol.) So, it’s just random photos with comments.

If you don’t have time to click through eighteen photos, do you have time for two?

Here’s one of me trying to keep warm…

… and my much-sought-after picture of the Omaha skyline.

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