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hair today

Getting a haircut should be no big deal, right? I mean, people do it every day! A person sits in the chair, talks about what they want, makes some snappy banter while the process is underway, say that they love the result, and go on their merry way after paying, of course.

In my case, prior to actually going, there are several additional steps in which I mope about how I hate having my hair cut because I tend to hate the result. I only go to the stylist when I can bear my hair’s current pathetic state no more. But true to form, after the trim, I usually hate the result. This leaves me dreading the next time and scolding myself to find a better place.

Years ago, the only time I liked my hair was after a visit to the salon. Now, I typically hurry home afterward so that no one can see me until I’ve had the chance to style my hair myself. Even then, I usually wear it up for several days.

Today, this was not the case. I tried a new stylist, and I definitely got a new ‘do, but I was ready. I took “before” pictures this morning, and I almost cried over how bad my hair looks.

I had decided that instead of saying “long layers” like I usually do, I was just going to say “layers,” and see how the stylist interpreted that. I guess I was encouraged that this new person seemed to really listen after asking what I had in mind, because I gushed a bit and made hand gestures to indicate the lengths.

My WORD, she cut quite a bit, but I *really* like it. I took several “after” pictures; my goal is to print them out and show them the next time I go.

Ooh, I just had a sobering thought: tomorrow, I’ll have to style my hair myself. :bites lip nervously:

Anyway, I will post pictures tomorrow, when I’m away from this maddeningly-slow dial-up connection.

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