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save the drama for … someone else!

For the past week or two, things at work have been kind of up in the air. The guy that trains OfficeMate and me turned in his letter of resignation. As plans were made on how to redistribute his duties, OfficeMate and I decided that this could be a good thing. We both feel that our training has somewhat suffered because of Trainer Guy’s constant state of busyness. The change might just do us good.

However. As of today, it looks like TG is staying. I can’t help recalling how he sat in our office not-so-long ago and declared that once he turned his notice in, he will NOT pull it back. Oh, really? Apparently, it was all a power play, and I can’t tell you how that lessens the respect I had for him. A day or two ago, he declared that if he stays maybe he’ll put OfficeMate and me in drafting for a while and let us detail our own buildings. Is that supposed to be a threat? Whatever!

OfficeMate and I have decided that TG is very insecure, and the argument could be made that he’s held back in training us because he thinks he’ll work himself out of a job. Which, btw, is ridiculous, because it will be years before we’re up to speed with him.

About that whole put-us-in-drafting thing. 1) I don’t have a problem with that. I enjoy learning new things, and knowing more aspects of the industry can only help me. But 2) I was not hired to draft. I was hired to design buildings, and the higher-ups might have a problem if someone suddenly decides to reassign my duties. And 3) I’m not very proficient with AutoCAD, so I would need extra time to detail even something simple. And 4) as I politely told TG to his face when he tried to scare us with talk of a fast-paced new schedule: they can put down whatever deadline they want for me, but if I know that it’s completely unreasonable? It doesn’t bother me a bit to not meet it.

Since we’re in this time of transition, perhaps OfficeMate and I should sit down and talk with TG about where we’re going with this training. Personally, I am going to need more help. TG has had a fairly hands-off approach, which works okay when we’re doing something we’ve seen before, but when there’s something new, more step-by-step guidance is needed. Also, when we ask a question, TG is very bad about giving some vague answer, something designed to show that he knows what to do, but he doesn’t want to just give us the answer. As a result, we’ve wasted much frustrating time digging for answers, or as I like to call it “reinventing the wheel”.

Before when I’ve ventured to ask questions only to be blown off with a vague answer, I typically returned to my desk overwhelmed, and I’d sit, sulking, hesitating to ask again. This past week I did that for over two days. Of course, my project was very late, and other departments – not to mention whatever professional reputation I’m trying to develop- suffered because of it. I see now that I can’t just wait on this stuff: I’m going to have to make him/them help me, and I’ll say it plainly, “I need help on this because I have NO idea what I’m doing.” And if I don’t feel I’m getting the help I need, I’ll go to TG first and try to explain it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to call in a higher power, because I know they’re concerned about OfficeMate and me learning more.

OfficeMate goes so far as to say that TG is *trying* to make us look bad. The sad part is that I can sorta see it. Mister, you have NO idea the kind of crummy jobs, bosses, fellow employees, and work environments I have already endured. Beyond that, I refuse to be infected with your drama.

I *will* like my job again.

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