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keep it on the down low

I’m happy to report that my vow to like my job again was realized much sooner than I would have imagined. The day after I wrote the last post, things had really settled down.

People are laughing and cutting up quite a bit, like they did not-so-long ago before the onset of The Drama. For example, at lunch today, Cute Work Guy came in to ask me about a project. Upon seeing that my OfficeMate wasn’t there, CWG decided to set a boobytrap for him that involved stretching a rubber band that would hit OM when he moved his computer mouse.

As I kept a watch out the window for OM’s truck, CWG busied himself with his diabolical scheme. I teased, “If only you would use your power for good and not evil.”

In the course of setting the trap, CWG shot himself with the rubber band in the crotch (!) about five times. He was right in my line of sight, so I couldn’t help noticing. Since he wasn’t really affected by the shots, each time I’d laugh, offer a sympathetic, “Ouch!” and modestly look away. At one point, I said, “You’re *really* suffering for your art.” He said, “I keep shooting my belt buckle.” I said, “Thank goodness for the belt buckle, huh.” (Hmm, I do flirt a bit with CWG, but was that remark on the verge of going too far? Because I really can’t tell…)

Anyway, I soon noticed OM’s truck in the parking lot. CWG had to hurry to finish the trap. When OM returned, I could barely keep from laughing out loud, just imagining the scene. (No, I’m really not cut out for pranks.) Unfortunately, the rubber band fired at the wrong time when OM moved something else on the desk, and it hit the wall.

But before all that, when CWG first stopped by my desk about the project, I had my page of links open, doing a bit of ‘Net surfing – hey, I was on my lunch break, too! – and CWG may have seen the URL of that page. If so, he can find this site.

And if he reads this entry, well, he’ll know without a doubt it’s me. :waves sheepishly: All I ask, CWG, is that you don’t tell anyone that you’ve found it – especially not me!

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