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great idea, Custer

Perhaps I spoke too soon in the last entry, using “happy” and “job” in the same sentence. Today, I actually shed tears.

Long story short, the guy that trains OfficeMate and me is again threatening to reassign us, this time for two months to work in the factory part of our collective business.

Well, that’s a great idea! The higher-ups *finally* start to focus on training OM and me, so of COURSE the next logical step is to put us in a completely new environment where we can start learning a new job from scratch, only so we can do it temporarily!

To me, this smacks of another example of Trainer Guy’s playing games, and – given my tendency of late to obsess over things – that frustrates me more than words can say, especially as I sit working in vain on a yet another tough, overdue project. And my typical response to frustration is crying.

I wasn’t full out sobbing, just sitting at my computer bravely dabbing my eyes before tears could flow and ruin my makeup. OM was wisely not saying anything to me about it, but I guess the guy that came in to speak to him couldn’t ignore it because he asked, “Is she crying?” Without looking at him, I said, “It’s sinuses.” He didn’t buy it.

I finally had to escape to the restroom and collect myself because if you try to talk to me about why I’m crying? I’ll only cry more!

But I do appreciate that guy’s concern. Frankly, I’m pleasantly surprised at his response. He’s just about the last person there I’d expect to show any interest in what was bothering me. I think that makes me appreciate his kindness even more. 

Later, he was in to see OM again, and I jokingly threatened to cry. Sounding more like himself, he smiled and snapped, “Eh, quit your whining.” 🙂 Then he added seriously that I shouldn’t let them get to me. 

I’ll sure try. In the mean time, I’ve got a good supply of tissues.

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