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What was I thinking?

The aforementioned Cute Work Guy is in a band. I had heard that they would be playing at a nearby bar, and I *really* wanted to go. At first I considered going by myself, but after a bit of mental debate, I opted to invite my boyfriend.

So, we spent last Saturday hanging out, and then we met a few people from work at the bar about ten.

Perhaps it was the way I wore makeup, when I haven’t on our dates for a long time. Perhaps my glance lingered on CWG and his fine guitar-playing self a moment too long. Perhaps it was the way I wore a somewhat revealing top, something I haven’t done – ever – since my boyfriend and I have been dating. Or perhaps it was the way I purchased that top specifically for this occasion. Whatever the cause, I got the impression that my boyfriend was a bit jealous.

To be honest, if the situation had been reversed, I’m sure I would have been too.

But wait, there were more feelings to be stomped on. I think I’ve mentioned here that CWG flirts with me a bit. (No, he didn’t do it in front of Jeff. He’s not a jerk.) Well, thinking yesterday about the previous evening, I got it into my head that I may have hurt CWG’s feelings. I hope he doesn’t think I was trying to throw the fact that I have a boyfriend in his face. Yeah, I’m probably overestimating my influence on him. At least, I really hope I am.

As I considered my options for going to see him play, taking my boyfriend seemed like the most logical. Saturday is our regular date day, and this way I didn’t have to blow him off to go see my latest crush. The bar was over an hour away, plus – hello! – it’s a bar, and the idea of going by myself was a bit intimidating. If CWG really was toying with the idea of us being together, I reasoned that him seeing me with Jeff would put an end to that notion. Plus, as I told CWG when he flirtily expressed disappointment that I was bringing my boyfriend, “I’ve got to, to keep me honest.” Insert flirty look at CWG. “I kinda got a thing for guitar players…”

What, a shade too far? Yeah, I thought so, too. :covers face with hands in embarrassment:

At least CWG is out of town this week, so I don’t yet have to face him. And when I see Jeff next Saturday, I’ll keep any remarks about the previous date to a bare minimum.

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