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one angry man

I’ve written before that my OfficeMate thinks that the guy who trains us doesn’t want us to succeed in our work. Since Trainer Guy’s little power play with turning in his notice only to “get talked into staying,” it seems that every little thing TG does or says gets OM seething, only – and this is the thing that makes me fear for OM’s health – OM doesn’t let TG know. He carries on, talking as if everything’s alright.

OM gets the most frustrated when he has several projects lined up, particularly when he falls behind on one of them. That has been the case this week, and OM remains positively furious. Yesterday, TG even took over one of OM’s jobs to try to help him out, but today OM seethed to me that TG has zero concern for anyone but himself. I didn’t point out TG’s gesture to the contrary, because, believe me, OM doesn’t want to hear it.

OM keeps saying that he’s going to send an email to the boss’s boss about it. I figure that this will result in the higher-ups asking me for my opinion of the situation. I’m afraid that I see things more from TG’s side. From my observations, I truly don’t think TG is trying to sabotage us. He’s still not overly forthcoming with the help, but if we ask, he does answer the question, and if we still don’t get it and ask another question, he’ll answer that too. I think OM just hates with every fiber of his being to keep asking for help, so he doesn’t. Then he goes back to being furious and frustrated at TG.

OM keeps talking about how that isn’t the company for him, and how he’ll be glad when he leaves. For his own sake, I pray that he can find the frustration-free workplace he seems to want. Soon.

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