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riding in cars with crushes

Today, about 25 minutes until lunchtime, the power went off. Not much later about eight people were gathered in and around the office of OfficeMate and me because we have windows and, therefore, light.

With no way of knowing when the power would be restored, it was decided that we would go on to lunch. I had brought my lunch, but with no power for the microwave, I joined the group that was going out.

As always, as we’re reaching the exit door, someone asks, “Who’s driving?” Cute Work Guy volunteers to take one group. He reaches the door first and starts toward his vehicle. I follow, hoping that it’s not blatantly obvious that I really, really, really want to ride with him. For some reason, the others lingered by the building, making a list of places to go that might have power, I think.

Still hoping that I’m not being … blatant, I take the front passenger’s seat, as CWG has conveniently left the door open when he moved something. Over the door I call to the others (albeit probably unheard), “Shotgun!”

The only other person who came to ride with us was the other girl. And she’s married. :big smile:

Being a good car host, CWG at one point asked if I was hot. (You know, from the heat being cranked out by the vents.) Obviously, he doesn’t know me well at all, or he’d know that’s a ridiculous question. I’m very rarely hot.

Alas, the ride was not that long, but I will take away three things from it. One, the route we took was one that I travel frequently, and I’m sure I’ll look back on that ride often as I pass that way again. Two, his Jeep Whatever-It-Is has the most comfortable seats I’ve experienced in a very long time. And three, part of his address – sadly, not the apartment number – was visible on a piece of mail on his dashboard.

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