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under the bus

At work, when someone speaks of throwing a person “under the bus,” it basically means that the thrower stabbed someone in the back. (Am I overexplaining there? Sorry. I hadn’t heard that expression before my current job.)

Last Wednesday, the guy that trains OfficeMate and me was called into an early meeting with the bigwigs that were visiting from our parent company. Knowing how OM has been threatening to complain about Trainer Guy to the higher-ups, I was a bit concerned. That concern was proved valid when TG greets OM and me after the meeting with, “So, you two threw me under the bus.” I replied, “Well, *I* didn’t…” OM rambled something about, “All I said was (insert blatant lies playing down what he really said here).”

TG seemed to let it go, but from the way he was acting, I got the impression that inside he was really mad. And I don’t blame him. I mean, OM didn’t even try to talk to TG about his issues. He went over TG’s head – and over our boss’s head – to talk to the bosses at the parent company. Imagine how embarrassing for TG to be confronted with those problems when he’s thinking that everything is okay.

The thing that ticks me off most about this whole situation is that I don’t think TG believes that I wasn’t in on it. The one time someone asked me about OM’s claims, I was very diplomatic. I said that I think OM just doesn’t know how to take TG, which truly is my take on the situation. As I see it, my only betrayal is that I knew that OM was mad and I didn’t tell TG about it.

Since that meeting, TG has been coming in to help us more, which is what OM wanted, and I daresay that OM is pretty pleased with himself. Personally, I think he handled the whole thing very badly. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say that he’s changed everything between us and TG. Oh, sure, TG seems to be playing it down – although he has mentioned it every day since then – but I’d bet money that he’ll be watching what we do closely, waiting on the chance to pay us back.

4 thoughts on “under the bus

  1. I guess it sometimes depends on how approachable people seem to other people. I know that some people I cantapproach because they seem to hostile to me…however I dont think that this person handled the problem correctly in the first place.

  2. I know what you mean about some people being unapproachable. I think that’s why my OfficeMate talked to the person that he did. OM didn’t think that Trainer Guy would listen. If TG stays mad about this, I think that OM will actually be proven right.

  3. Well if OM is proved right by TG’s actions, then it is a very sad state of affairs. Why cant people just get along? I dont understand why there is so much conflict where there isnt a need for it.

  4. I absolutely agree. I’ve said to OM several times, “There is no reason for all of this to be so hard. It really doesn’t have to be like this.”

    I’m happy to report that so far, everyone still seems to be getting along.

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