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I am fairly fed up with people.

First my OfficeMate persists in bringing up my name to tell untruths about me. Yes, he does it to my face because he’s trying to be funny. A person can scarcely comment on anything without him responding, “Anne told me to do it that way,” or “Anne says she will sell you her car,” or “Anne broke that when she threw it at me,” or whatever fits the topic at hand. Sometimes I don’t mind. But what *really* grinds my cookies is when he says these things and the person he’s talking to actually believes him. I felt that was happening today, and  I was trying to convey that I’d just about had enough of his “humor”, and he totally wasn’t getting it.

Then, in trying to make a joke of my own, I ticked off another guy who said, in a most surprised (or was it hurt?) way, “Anne is making fun of me.” What?! NO! I was just teasing, and I really thought that being the easy-going guy he is he would get a kick out of it. Thinking about it now, I’m still troubled that I might’ve really hurt his feelings, and I’m peeved that this happened when I truly meant no harm. I guess if this guy doesn’t know me well enough to know that I don’t say things in a mean spirit, what can I do about it? :sigh:

I think the first thing to be strained by the overtime we all started working last week was our collective sense of humor.

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