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dorky no more

Step one in my quest to be less dorky: stop greeting people with “Heidi,” “Howdy,” or any similar word that is one Forrest Gump wave shy of complete dorkitude. I realized earlier this week (after greeting one of my neighbors, d’oh) that I have *got* to come up with some new material.  Maybe I’ll try asking, “How’s it goin’?” or, if there’s only time for one syllable, I’ll use “Hi,” “Hey,” or even “‘Sup.”

I plan to make an extra effort to practice doing this until it becomes … well as much of a habit as saying “Heidi” has been. :blush:

True story: when I was a waitress, I greeted a couple with “Heidi.” The lady shakes her head and says no. As I’m trying to cover up my ???s,  she looks at her husband and asks, “Do you want coffee?” He declined as well, so I shrugged to myself and offered lemonade.

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