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like nobody’s watching

On Saturday I was driving and singing, as I often do. Stopped at a traffic light, as often is the case, from the corner of my eye I could tell that I had an observer. Still singing, I looked over and some pre-teenish girl was looking back. From the way she was fully turned toward me, I got the impression that she wanted me to know she was watching, as if she’s trying to shame me for acting so foolishly, or something. Oh, I’m sorry. Is my joie de vivre making you uncomfortable there in your must-act-this-way world? :shrug: I get that all the time.

And I understand why my antics beg an audience. I, too, watch people in their cars while I’m driving, and typically – pitiably – face after face shows a whole lot of nothing. No energy, no light in their eyes, no zest for life. In that sea of people just going through the motions, a spirited rendition of “I Will Survive” really stands out.

So, watcher kid in the teal blue Pontiac, be warned. If you see me out driving again, there’s a very good chance that you’ll find me singing. Heck, I might even be dancing, so you’ll want to have your disapproving little looks ready. Then, while you’re looking, consider how much fun I’m having. Maybe next time you’ll dare to be more than a spectator.

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