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act one, scene two

At work, the drama has returned. Yesterday, as the guy that trains me and my OfficeMate was in our office, an email popped up on my computer. Trainer Guy saw that it was from a former employee, and coupled with the fact that Former Employee and I wound up at the same party on Friday night (another blog for another time), Trainer Guy started teasing me about having a fling with FE and about being the “mole.”

Truth be known I was trying to get some help with my monster of a project. I was already overdue on it, and Trainer Guy was far too busy to provide the sheer volume of help I needed. I went to the boss with it, and he literally spent an hour yesterday talking about design theory, but when I’d say, “So, on this job specifically, I need to…?” he’d say that I should talk to Trainer Guy since he (Boss Man) had not designed in years. After a wrinkle in the project had arisen, TG had already said that he wasn’t familiar with what needed to be done, and he had mentioned this to the boss. So, WHY was the boss trying to send me back to him?

Clearly, I was stuck. I wrote to ask Former Employee – technically still an employee somewhat since he does some contract work for our parent company – for help, and yeah, I vented a bit about the lack of help I was getting. FE was mad for me, and he mentioned the situation to some higher-ups at the parent company. FE even offered to do the project for me, since that was really the only way it was going to get back on schedule.

Today, the boss comes to me, asking about that project. He seems determined that it not go to FE, and the boss and I head in to talk to Trainer Guy about getting me some help. This should not have been news to Trainer Guy, as I had told him yesterday after the aforementioned new wrinkle came up that when the boss came to talk to me about it – as I knew he would – I would tell the boss straight out that I needed some help.

Well, we wound up calling a higher-up from the parent company to see if anyone there could help, and it was decided that FE would take over the project. I tried not to smile after hearing that.

As predicted, later this afternoon, Trainer Guy started talking, in that joking manner where you still know he means what he’s saying, that I threw him under the bus. When he says it tomorrow, I plan to respond, “Yeah, because I couldn’t possibly have really needed help, or anything.”

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dear Jeff, huh?! edition

From the email  I just sent: 

Me: Pictures from the picnic were posted today on our server. They got some shots of me looking super ultra goofy. :cringes: I plan to take my memory stick and get the ones of you and me. Hopefully this coming weekend I’ll have time to resize them and post them.

Jeff: Somehow I doubt you look that bad. Me, on the other hand, …
Me: Not so much “bad” – although is some of they, yeah – as goofy. I’m looking pretty weird in pretty much all of them. :sigh:

“Although is some of they, yeah.” Yes, I actually sent it like that – *after* proofreading it!

I should not try to write things when I’m having a Bad Brain Week…

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in other words

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.
— C. P. Snow

The phrase “the pursuit of happiness” does seem to be a contradiction in terms. It makes happiness sound like something that’s somewhere you are not, and, coupled with the word pursuit, it brings to mind an image of chasing after an always-elusive prey. Similarly, in real life if you’re looking for some thing -some person, some purchase, some event – to make you happy, you’re wasting your time.

I’m reminded of another quote: “Success is having what you want, but happiness is wanting what you have.”

(Quote from … in other words…)

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by the numbers

I took a few days of vacation last week for the fourth. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, so this post will consist of numbering parts of my time off:

0 – days of wearing makeup
1 – borderline traumatic incident that I’m not ready to talk about
1 – DVD watched (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
2 – decorative items with a chicken theme purchased
2 – bruises
3 – coats of polish applied to toenails
4 – July 4th, aka Independence Day
4 – cans of vegetarian chili, bought on sale at Kroger
5 – mosquito bites
5 – bowls of ice cream eaten
6 – on Friday (the 6th) I purchased a few Christmas gifts
8 – hours of sleep, almost every night
13 – Ocean’s 13, seen with my sister