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In the midst of trying to keep up with my vida loca busy, recently I’ve started to feel bad when I don’t blog at least once a week. I did, after all, resolve at New Year’s to be a better blogger. Yet I often sit down to write and nothing seems to flow.

It’s not like I have nothing going. You might be surprised at some of the things that occupy my time. (Then again, perhaps you can totally relate!) Take this week, for instance. I have:

tried to style my hair – after a butchering by my hairstylist last Saturday – in a way that doesn’t look so bad I want to cry. I haven’t really succeeded, so I’ve worn my hair up two days in a row, something I haven’t done in the year I’ve been at my current job.

been obnoxious to my boyfriend. I was already in a bad mood on Saturday after the disastrous salon visit, and my boyfriend greets me by looking me over with a bemused, about-to-make-some-comment look. True to form he says, “Oh, we’re going *casual* today.” Granted, I was wearing an outfit that might have been more suitable for something like cleaning the house, but Mr. Jean Shorts and Polo Shirt really doesn’t have that much room to judge. I snipped, “I didn’t realize that we were doing *formal* today!”

resolved to find a new stylist, one who is capable of observing my craptastic hair yet doesn’t feel compelled to comment on it. During the last two salon visits, my soon-to-be-ex stylist says, “Oh, yes, those ends did need some attention.” When I’ve already been feeling super extra ugly of late, her adding, “Your hair’s like mine. It breaks easily,” does not soften the blow. I guess I’m lucky she didn’t take one look at me and declare, “I’d better cancel my appointments for the rest of the day!”

continued crushing on yet another guy I can’t have. I have every confidence that if he (or any Inappropriate Crush) showed interest in me that I would turn and run, but that’s not happening, so I’ve been obsessing. I think it’s about to burn out, or at least simmer down. Then I’ll probably develop one on someone else, as I seem determined to crush over every blinkin’ guy that I work with. :sigh:

wondered way more than once if my latest crush is as blatantly obvious as it feels. Am I saying Crush Guy’s name too much? Do I look at him too much when we’re in the same room? Can people tell that I take every opportunity to go near his desk? Exactly how is stalking defined in this town?

been to work, of course. Where else am I going to find guys to crush on? Plus, the guy that trains my office mate and me has been off on vacation, so I’ve been enjoying the lower level of drama.

visited the office at my apartment complex two different times. Once in response to the note I found on my door that I need to renew my lease, and once to drop off my written maintenance request, reporting that for the second time in less than a month my freezer is not freezing. (So, really it’s just an “er” at this point.) I know that they added more coolant the last time, so in my request I nicely said that if it needs more coolant this soon, the fridge probably needs to be replaced.

made an appointment to take my car for repairs tomorrow. I’m dropping it off in the morning, and they’re supposed to have reserved a rental car for me so that I can return to work. I would have someone from work pick me up but the repair place is about an hour away one way, so I’d feel better about not imposing that trek on them.

accomplished quite a bit of website work. I’m glad about that, too, because last week I just couldn’t bring myself to do much at all on it. Those times always concern me because I find myself thinking, “What if this feeling never passes?” I always seem to forget that if it’s one thing feelings do, it’s pass.

Like I said, it’s not that I have nothing going on. It’s just that there’s not that much worth writing about… Then again, when has that ever stopped me? See you next week!

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