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reporting live from the kitchen

I had the carpet in my apartment cleaned today, and about the time the cleaners arrived and started working, I wondered, “Hmm, I wonder how long this stuff will take to dry.” So I asked, and the answer was four to six hours. I went back to work then went to get something to eat, but that only took about three hours. So now I’m staring down the barrel of a long time until bed as I try to minimize time spent on the carpet. Since 90% of the apartment is carpeted, this is not an easy task.

If I were an outgoing sort, I would use this time to get acquainted with my neighbors. “Hi, there! I just had my carpets cleaned, and I’m trying not to walk on them. Could I watch TV with you? What’s that you say? You’re eating supper? No problem! Ooh, is that green bean casserole?”

Yeah, that’s not really going to happen. So, I’ve set up the computer in the kitchen on the sliver of counter that isn’t occupied by the stuff I moved out of the way of the carpet cleaning. It’s uncomfortable as all get out to perch on a stool at a counter that is not meant to be sat at and hunch over a computer, but I’m loving that I’m able to do this.

Portable technology. What’ll they think of next?

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