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stop the madness

Earlier, my officemate and another co-worker ticked me off by poking fun (!) at the way I was doing a project(!!). I was going to rant and rage about it … but that was all about eight hours ago, and now, happily, I’m just not feelin’ it. So, I’ll take the subject line’s advice and just stop the madness.

Or perhaps I’ll just focus it in a different direction. Three words: Amazon. Dot. Com. On September 16th, I ordered three DVD sets – nothing fancy, no new releases – and I have yet to receive them. And Amazon’s info page is so much less than helpful, with their estimated ship date of “between now and 2012” or whatever lame thing it says.

If I don’t receive it soon, I’m going to call Amazon (rather, email them and have them call me, like their site requires) and ask them about it. However, if they say it’s shipped and the Post Office has it, I can just picture them being all, “We can’t help you.” Grr.

I’m starting to fear that my package was stolen out of the mailbox. Some dirty so-and-so could be watching my A-Team, my Dukes of Hazzard and my 3rd Rock From the Sun right now. If that’s true, I hope they find the action boring, the car jumps lame, and the jokes unfunny.

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