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the dead package office

Remember yesterday, and the post with the bashing of Amazon dot com? Well, today, I have my package, and I must say that Amazon did their part, right on time.

I had noticed when tracking the package at the USPS site, the last recorded entry was on September 22, saying the package left Atlanta. This is why I started to think that surely the package had been delivered and subsequently stolen out of the mailbox.

But! As it turns out it was at the Post Office, and no doubt has been since it left Atlanta, and no doubt would still be had someone not gone to mail something and decided to ask about the package, just in case. And why was it still at the Post Office? “Because the regular mail carrier had been out and the temp doesn’t yet know the route too well.” Wha…? “Didn’t know the route”? The package has my name and address on it, just like the other mail that I *have* been getting!

In any event, my package is home. As you may have gleaned from yesterday’s post, I had truly given up on it, thinking it had been stolen. I was positive that Amazon would be all, “We gave it to USPS. Our job is done. We’ve washed our hands of your whole DVDs.” I even grr-ed at them. :hangs head in shame:

Now that Amazon and I are on good terms again, I had been planning to preorder the re-release of My So-Called Life, but I’m scared of another ordeal with the PO. I think I’ll preorder it from Wal-Mart instead – if they’ll match Amazon’s price – and just go pick it up myself. :sigh: 

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