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going and gone

And now for some News That Will Surprise No One: last week my officemate turned in his two-week notice. (Okay, if you haven’t read my blog before you’re probably surprised by that. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you saw it coming. Maybe you just know these things.)

I heard about this last week while I was on my third trip to Nebraska, spending time at my company’s parent company. I was passing by the Big Cahuna’s office, and I was just going to wave and walk on, but he called me in. He was talking to Big Cahuna #2, and they asked if I’d heard what was going on back home. I answered honestly that I hadn’t, and they said I might want to sit down. Of course at this, inside I’m about to freak out wondering if they were all fired, or blown away by a tornado or something.

As I said, the news that OfficeMate was leaving didn’t really surprise me, to the point where Big Cahuna #1 actually said, “You don’t seem too surprised by this.” I simply said that I knew OM has been frustrated for a while now. They were going to try to talk him into staying. I wished them luck with that.

Although the Cahunas weren’t upset, they probably thought that I knew. But if I had known, what was I supposed to say? “OM is mad”? That sounds childish, and besides that, they’d be thinking (logically) that if the guy was that angry, he should probably speak up and try to work it out himself.

Anyway, that same day I actually got an email from OM. That in itself surprised me since we’ve not spoken much since the big blowup. But then, in the email, he said he was sorry I had to hear the news through the grapevine – he must’ve heard this from a co-worker that we both talk to. He also said that so-and-so and so-and-so can help me at work after he leaves, “and I will too.” o.0 I guess since he’s leaving, he’s feeling gracious enough to put our squabble behind him. Taking his lead, I wrote back, warning him that they’ll probably try to talk him into staying.

Beyond that, the week passed largely without incident. My biggest complaint is that they flew me up there “to train” and yet they mostly gave me two large, tough projects to work on and left me to it. Then, when I tried to seek help, I received short, non-helpful answers. So, yeah, it was kinda like I never left my own company. :rollseyes:

Now that OM is leaving at least four different people have asked me if I’m doing okay, like they think I’m about to quit, too. I don’t think they believe me when I say that I’m fine and not looking for a job. So I try to convince them with logic: “I just now feel that I’m starting to learn some things, so why would I throw all that away and start completely over new somewhere else?” If they still don’t believe that … well, maybe they’ll start being *very* nice to me. 😀

Pictures from the trip are posted.

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