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goodbye, hello

Yesterday, my OfficeMate (OM) kept getting phone calls, and he’d reply only briefly, obviously not wanting to say anything to clue me in to the topic of conversation. More than once he’d ask the person to call him back on his cell, then he’d leave the room talking. I remembered a time when he didn’t keep secrets from me, because we were in the exact same boat, work-wise. Now I found myself annoyed at his childishness, and I was glad that it was his last day of employment there.

Then, at one point in the afternoon, he actually turned to me saying that things at work will get better. I continued my work for a moment before casually turning around to see who had come in, that OM was talking to. No one was there: I looked over at him, and he was talking to me. And trying to be encouraging, no less! I did feel encouraged just by his effort and I spoke back, then we both returned to work. For the first time since I found out he was leaving, I really hated to see him go. I was glad that at least we’d be parting on good terms.

Not much later, he got a call from the Big Cahuna, and I left the room to give him some privacy. I returned fifteen or so minutes later, because I was supposed to be getting a call from Big Cahuna #2, who had emailed earlier to say he wanted to talk to me about how everything was going. I had been expecting to have this conversation during my last trip to Nebraska, so I’d typed up a list of concerns to discuss. I emailed that to BC#2, and when he called, we discussed them briefly.

When I hung up with BC#2, OM said, “Well, I guess he told you that I’m staying.” I was all, “Are you SERIOUS?!” BC#2 had mentioned that he thought OM was going to stay, but I had said, “I don’t think so…” OM shared a little bit about what he’d been told, but it was obvious he didn’t really want to discuss it. Our shift was almost over, so I left.

I guess he *was* serious, because he was back at work today. I’m still not exactly sure what they said to get him to stay, but they did promise that there would be some positive changes “in the next sixty days.” I’ve heard some of the plans. I’m not getting my heart set on anything, just waiting to see what happens, but I find it very encouraging that they’re setting a timeline for these things.

And OM and I are back on good terms, or at least (hopefully) headed that way. Yay. 🙂

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