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to do, long overdue

On Thanksgiving Day, I was at my mom’s. My mother and my sister were watching Ugly Betty, and since I had no interest in that, I was in another room on my computer. I’d been organizing the files for a backup, but that was pretty much done – or maybe it’s better said that I’d done all I cared to do on it. Then I looked in the folder with my MacGyver website files, and thought, “Hmm, might I have time to accomplish some of the To Dos for that site…?”

Next thing I know, I’m working to add some information that I’ve been planning to add for months now. (The Gratuitous Backstory: an old MacGyver site closed, and I had asked the webmiss if I could re-post some of that content at my site. To my great joy, she said yes! But by the time I received her reply, my Real Life had grown busy again.) After I started the project, I realized that it wasn’t nearly the daunting task I’d thought it would be, and I was actually embarrassed for not taking the time to do it earlier.

Soon, I decided that this would also be the perfect time to redesign the banner at that site, another thing I’ve wanted to do for months, because the colors of the old banner were SO not good.

I worked on both of those projects off and on until yesterday, when I finally finished and added it all to the site.

Now, I am irrationally pleased at having accomplished those two long-time members of my To Do list. It’s encouraging to be reminded that, once I actually start the project, not all website updates take me months to complete. Apparently all I need is for my family to be distracted for a while, for my boyfriend to be out of town, and to have several days off from work.

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