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those sexy, irritated eyes

Although I’ve been wearing makeup regularly since I started my job over a year ago, I’ve been avoiding eyeliner, mainly out of laziness in buying it and then putting it on every day.

Yesterday I overcame the first laziness and picked up some of the cheapest kind that Wal-Mart sells. Today I passed the second lazy hurdle and wore it to work. Unfortunately, my right eye has been dry and mildly stinging all day.

Oh, yeah, now I seem to recall that this was the reason I stopped wearing makeup to work a few years ago, when I was a secretary. (Well, I also stopped wearing makeup at that job because the company opened another location, and most of the time I was the only one at the old location.)

Dang it, I was hoping that eyeliner would make me look more attractive: I reasoned that if my eyes look bigger, my nose will look smaller. Now I’m left debating whether to try a more expensive, “hypoallergenic” brand or to just skip it altogether.

Maybe I’ll use the old eyeliner to draw a mole on my cheek. I don’t think I’ll look more attractive, but surely *that* would draw attention away from my nose.

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