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somebody done somebody wrong

And that somebody would be me – the wronger, that is, not the wrongee.

The “big changes” that were promised at work have been implemented. The biggest change is that the Former Employee I’ve mentioned before has been rehired, and now my OfficeMate and I report to him, as does the guy that formerly trained us.

Ex-Trainer Guy hasn’t said much to OfficeMate and me since the new changes started, and I don’t blame him. Well, he did start speaking to OM again yesterday afternoon, but right before we left today, ETG said (to OM) that he’d been told that OM had been leaving because of him, and I wasn’t far behind. Their conversation was interrupted before OM could respond, but … ouch.

Just the fact that they brought back Former Employee, who was not the most-liked person, and made him our team leader was a huge slap in the face to ETG, but to be told that we wouldn’t have stayed otherwise… Yeah, I’m feeling like a huge traitor.

I’ve written here how frustrated I was with the so-called training process the way it was and the lack of help I received. I understand that ETG wanted me to think things out, but being tasked to design things I’ve never even seen before – things I have no concept of – was positively maddening. I wasted so much time “reinventing the wheel” as I call it, and I really think the business suffered because of it. Why couldn’t he have shown me how to do brand-new stuff just once? He, however, doesn’t want to train by “spoon-feeding”, and he was so supremely set in his ways that I didn’t know how to talk to him about it.

Now, thinking how wronged he is, I probably look extra guilty when he’s around. No doubt this supports his belief that I – and not my OfficeMate – am the one that spearheaded this whole bring-back-the-Former-Employee plan. Yes, I did contribute to it by voicing in passing that it would help me a lot to have him back, but OM truly did agree to stay because he was told these changes were coming.

In any event, I find myself less and less indignant that ETG insists on making me the villain. As I said, I did help bring about the changes, and if he finds comfort in blaming me – because heaven forbid that he admits he could’ve done things better – then maybe things are somehow even between us.

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