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fallout boys

Seldom do I fail to marvel at how fast things can change. When I arrived at work today Ex-Trainer Guy was in my office chatting with my OfficeMate. After a slightly awkward minute or two, OM drew me into the conversation, and ETG actually talked to me. He spoke only briefly of the recent change in his duties, “apologizing” for failing me and OM in training us. (Yeah, I think that remark was very tongue-in-cheek, but more a declaration that he was wrongly accused of Bad Training by the higher-ups than a barb aimed at us.)

ETG said that OM and I didn’t know how bad things had been with Former Employee’s anger management issues during his last period of employment. Trying to help smooth things over between those two former confidantes, I told ETG that, unlike months before, now I don’t perceive an anger from FE toward anyone. (I think FE had a *really* tough November and learned quite a bit from it.)

Before the day was over, ETG and the other fallen-out-with-FE person – to whom I’d told the same thing – had talked to him again, more than once. I think that’s a good start, and yeah, I’m going to take a little of the credit for it. 🙂

In other news, as I chatted with some other employees, the topic of the office Christmas party came up, and Cute Work Guy asked if I’d be his date(!). I replied (mildly disappointed?) that my boyfriend would be there. CWG said with a laugh that he could take him.

I can’t decide whether or not he was serious about the date. We flirt a bit, but – as with the other single guys at work – he typically stops short of saying anything that could be taken to mean that he really wants to go out with me. That’s probably a wise policy at work, to avoid things being misinterpreted and turning awkward, and yet every now and then it insults me, as if they think that I’m desperately waiting to pounce on the slightest show of affection from someone who’s available. Sigh.

The more I think about it, I don’t think he was serious. I mean, he asked in front of people: that’s a sure sign of a non-serious ask-out, right? Still, I had listed on the sign-up sheet that I would be by myself. (Little did I know that I’d mention the party in passing to my boyfriend, and he’d decide that he didn’t mind driving all this way to stay for just a few hours and attend the party with me.) But Cute Work Guy knew that I still had a boyfriend because I’d mentioned it just the other day… Oh, who knows what he was thinking, asking me that? But I bet he doesn’t ask again any time soon.

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