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I just finished reading “What Would MacGyver Do?“, and I was *overjoyed* to find that the last story references my site! :dances: I literally sat agape for several minutes, stunned and flattered …

… until I realized that the site name was misspelled in the book. :slaps forehead: No, I did not originally misspell “MacGyver”. That site has been around since 2002, and for *all* of that time, MacGyver has been spelled correctly.

I was slightly bummed and tried to comfort myself. “Surely people will know to spell the show’s name correctly…?”

Yeah, I wasn’t very comforted by that. Most people don’t give these things that much thought. They’ll simply type in the URL (and that’s assuming they’re interested enough to even go that far), and when it doesn’t work, they’ll shrug and assume it closed down.

Hmm. What *would* MacGyver do? You know, if MacGyver were a chick with a fan website that’s been wrongly cited? Of course! Add the incorrectly spelled page as it appears in the book – page 187 🙂 – and point people to the site:

Now my only regret is that I wished I’d finished reading the book a year ago, like I kept planning to…

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