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a consumer reports

The hair dryer comparison that I started mere weeks ago already has a new development: yesterday I returned Hair Dryer #1 (which was a Revlon Soft Feel 1875 Watt, despite what I reported earlier). Compared to the Conair, the Revlon just didn’t seem to have much power. Plus – and I might just be hypersensitive about this, given my past experiences – the Revlon started to have a slight burning-out smell on both the high and low settings. I decided that since I was still in the 30-day can-return-to-the-store window, I’d best not wait and see whether I was just overreacting.

For the replacement dryer, I purchased another of Dryer #2. Hmm, now my comparison can be how the same type of dryer fares under different conditions.

Also, perhaps using only one type of dryer will give me a chance to learn how to style my hair with it!

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Who’s on first?

Unfortunately I have need of the services of a physician. Since I didn’t fancy driving the hour-plus drive to my so-called family doctor, I decided to look for a new one where I am. This was a big part of the frustration of my previous post: after I finally decided on two choices, I called them only to discover that neither one was available. Grr.

Today, I decided to call another place, and I wanted to apply my umpteen – okay two – recent calling experiences to get right to the point and save us all some time. Unfortunately…

[The receptionist answers.]

Me: Yes, hello. What is the earliest available appointment you have for a new patient?

[Since there are several doctors in this practice, I thought that this would make it clear that the When Available was more important to me than the Who’s Available.]

Receptionist: Which doctor?

[Okay … maybe they’re all available?]

Me: Dr. So-and-so?

Receptionist: Oh, she’s not accepting new patients.

So much for my efforts to save time. This was followed by an exchange over alternate choices, then getting my information, and talking about insurance, although now that I think of it, “What kind of insurance does the patient have?” was her reply to my very first question.

Anyway, fortunately after the five minute and twenty-six second conversation (seriously, per the timer on my phone), I was able to get an appointment and before May, so yay for that. I’d better start now stocking up on pens to fill out paperwork when I get there.

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dead heat

In the past four days I’ve had to replace both the hairdryer that I keep at my mother’s house and the one I have at my apartment. Because making blog fodder of things like this makes me regret spending money just a little less, I decided to post the details and do my own comparison of how well they work/last.

Dryer #1 (at my mom’s) is the Revlon (RV499?) 1875W Travel Dryer, purchased at Kmart for around $15. It says that it’s suitable for home or travel, and it comes with an attachment to concentrate the heat flow.

Dryer #2 is the CONAIR 1875 Watt Ionic Styler, purchased at WalMart for around $15. I just got this one today, and as listed among the features, it does have a “quiet motor”. It also comes with diffuser and “concentrator” attacments.

FYI, the hairdryer that was replaced at my mom’s was the Vidal Sassoon 1875W Turbo Dryer, from WalMart for about $10. I purchased it in August of 2006, but just over a month after that the high setting burned out and wouldn’t work anymore. (And this? Is why I didn’t even consider purchasing another Vidal Sassoon product.) Rather than pay for shipping to and from the “service center” to replace it, I just used it on the low setting until this weekend when the smell told me it was starting to burn out. Again.

And that’s all I have to report so far since I haven’t used either of the new ones yet. If I don’t post any more about this for a while, you may assume that both dryers are working well.

May the best dryer come out ahead.  😀

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dance monkey dance

Yesterday, I was talking to some of my co-workers. To avoid a long backstory, I’ll just say that I blurted, “The tango,” and because I can’t just say things but must be expressive to the point of ludicrousness, I did a little dip/step forward.

I thought nothing of it, but my co-workers scoffed laughingly, “That is NOT the tango.” Okay, given the fact that I was standing confined in the corner of my L-shaped desk, and also given the fact that I had my arms crossed and my sweater wrapped around me backwards because some thoughtless, warm-blooded co-worker had decided to freeze me by opening the window (and given the fact that I don’t know how to do the tango, really, although that is very much not the point here) I didn’t really have the space or the freedom (or the knowledge) to do the actual tango, now did I.

The co-workers’ critical, must-put-other-people-down-to-feel-good-about-self attitudes notwithstanding, their mocking reminded me of a similar incident from years ago in my waitress days. I was walking down the main corridor of the restaurant’s kitchen, and I suddenly felt compelled to move to the music. So I did, and I swayed and strutted, imagining myself the confident center of attention as I prowled the catwalk in a fashion show.

Unfortunately, I was snapped hard back into reality when I turned to find the only co-worker present doubled over with laughter. That wouldn’t have bothered me so badly had that same guy not soon been all “you go girl!” to another, older(!) employee who gave in to the urge to shake her groove thing. For her he claps along to the music, yet all I get is, “Silly Anne, sexy is for … someone else.”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind being the “girl next door” type, although I *really* don’t like to call it that. I even like making people laugh – I think it comes from being the youngest child – because I really feel I’ve made a connection if I can make someone laugh. It’s just that sometimes I get tired of being the goofy court jester, you know? Every once in a while, it would be nice to be the princess.