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dead heat

In the past four days I’ve had to replace both the hairdryer that I keep at my mother’s house and the one I have at my apartment. Because making blog fodder of things like this makes me regret spending money just a little less, I decided to post the details and do my own comparison of how well they work/last.

Dryer #1 (at my mom’s) is the Revlon (RV499?) 1875W Travel Dryer, purchased at Kmart for around $15. It says that it’s suitable for home or travel, and it comes with an attachment to concentrate the heat flow.

Dryer #2 is the CONAIR 1875 Watt Ionic Styler, purchased at WalMart for around $15. I just got this one today, and as listed among the features, it does have a “quiet motor”. It also comes with diffuser and “concentrator” attacments.

FYI, the hairdryer that was replaced at my mom’s was the Vidal Sassoon 1875W Turbo Dryer, from WalMart for about $10. I purchased it in August of 2006, but just over a month after that the high setting burned out and wouldn’t work anymore. (And this? Is why I didn’t even consider purchasing another Vidal Sassoon product.) Rather than pay for shipping to and from the “service center” to replace it, I just used it on the low setting until this weekend when the smell told me it was starting to burn out. Again.

And that’s all I have to report so far since I haven’t used either of the new ones yet. If I don’t post any more about this for a while, you may assume that both dryers are working well.

May the best dryer come out ahead.  😀

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