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Who’s on first?

Unfortunately I have need of the services of a physician. Since I didn’t fancy driving the hour-plus drive to my so-called family doctor, I decided to look for a new one where I am. This was a big part of the frustration of my previous post: after I finally decided on two choices, I called them only to discover that neither one was available. Grr.

Today, I decided to call another place, and I wanted to apply my umpteen – okay two – recent calling experiences to get right to the point and save us all some time. Unfortunately…

[The receptionist answers.]

Me: Yes, hello. What is the earliest available appointment you have for a new patient?

[Since there are several doctors in this practice, I thought that this would make it clear that the When Available was more important to me than the Who’s Available.]

Receptionist: Which doctor?

[Okay … maybe they’re all available?]

Me: Dr. So-and-so?

Receptionist: Oh, she’s not accepting new patients.

So much for my efforts to save time. This was followed by an exchange over alternate choices, then getting my information, and talking about insurance, although now that I think of it, “What kind of insurance does the patient have?” was her reply to my very first question.

Anyway, fortunately after the five minute and twenty-six second conversation (seriously, per the timer on my phone), I was able to get an appointment and before May, so yay for that. I’d better start now stocking up on pens to fill out paperwork when I get there.

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