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a consumer reports

The hair dryer comparison that I started mere weeks ago already has a new development: yesterday I returned Hair Dryer #1 (which was a Revlon Soft Feel 1875 Watt, despite what I reported earlier). Compared to the Conair, the Revlon just didn’t seem to have much power. Plus – and I might just be hypersensitive about this, given my past experiences – the Revlon started to have a slight burning-out smell on both the high and low settings. I decided that since I was still in the 30-day can-return-to-the-store window, I’d best not wait and see whether I was just overreacting.

For the replacement dryer, I purchased another of Dryer #2. Hmm, now my comparison can be how the same type of dryer fares under different conditions.

Also, perhaps using only one type of dryer will give me a chance to learn how to style my hair with it!

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