how to end an argument

OfficeMate and I were riding in the company van with three other people, including a visitor from another state. On the way back from lunch, the driver (aka the boss) decided to take the scenic route and check out a job site. He turns onto a street we’ve been to before …

OfficeMate (teasing): This is the way we went before when Anne almost got us lost.

Me: *I* did not get us lost. *You* got us lost. You were all, “I know the way!” and then we wound up at the water tower! Then I was all, “I know where we are, I’m taking over.” and I led us to safety.

OfficeMate (still teasing): So you knew where we were, but you didn’t speak up.

Me: You acted like you knew the way!

Visitor from Nebraska: You two sound like an old married couple.

OfficeMate and Me: [Awkward silence.]


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