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by the numbers II

Recently, currently, or soon:

0 – jeans purchased after trying on a dozen ill-fitting pairs
1 – notice left on my door by the Sheriff’s department
1 – phone call made to the Sheriff’s department that the person they’re looking for no longer lives at this apartment
1 – number of times I’ve made French Toast (first time ever, btw)
2 – I plan to post quotes from episode 2 of The Young Riders tomorrow.
2 – number of items on this list I plan to blog more about, at some point
3 – times I’ve left a radio station because it’s broadcasting some sporting event instead of playing music
3 – boxes of tissues currently open at my apartment
7 – days I’ve been taking medicine for my messed-up sinuses
8 – ounces of orange juice I’m trying to drink every day
14th – day my OfficeMate leaves to go to Nebraska for a month
18th – the seven year anniversary of the day I started my first website
1985 – the theme for an upcoming website layout
30 – approximate number of hours my mother spent at the hospital having some chest pains checked out (thankfully, she’s fine)
6:30 – time of the upcoming company banquet and my non-date with a fellow employee
$1.36 – amount of money I spent today (at Dollar General on lotioned tissues)

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