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degrees of separation

Two weekends ago
While cleaning, I found an October 2007 Glamour magazine with an interesting article mentioned on the cover. I didn’t have time to look at it, so I set it aside.

Last week
As noted in the previous entry, I developed a case of Beatlemania. I didn’t mention it before, but on several occasions, after time spent Beatle watching and listening, I’ve felt restless, as in “I must go outside.” (I attribute it to being affected by George Harrison’s death. Sometimes things like that get in my head, and I fixate over them for a while, but I’ll admit, the slight claustrophobia is new.) The urgent need to be outside brought to mind the Dixie Chicks’ song “Wide Open Spaces.”

Last weekend
I looked at the October 2007 Glamour. The “interesting” article turned out to be not really. However, listed among the “10 ballsy women” the magazine was recognizing was Yoko Ono, for “marrying John Lennon and breaking up the Beatles. Now if she could just marry Natalie Maines and break up the Dixie Chicks.” I wondered whether the writer thought it was good that the Beatles broke up, but good or bad, since Yoko often gets the blame/credit for that, she certainly fits the list.

That same day
I found the Dixie Chicks’ video “Wide Open Spaces” among the videotapes I’d made when I had cable and watched it.

Also that same day
Trying to find a Beatle-free pursuit to give my poor thoughts a rest, I watched Lethal Weapon. Not much later, I learned that George Harrison wrote and performed a song – Cheer Down – on the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack. (Note to self: watch that movie soon.)

And having written all of this, I plan to take the Beatles fangirl talk over to the Beatles thread at the forums, starting with a correction to the “She Loves You” lyrics.

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