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tragicomic dramedy

I was going to gripe about how this week has been overrun with Things Not Going My Way, but I must admit that’s not 100 percent true. Some things have worked out well. So, I’ll recap some of the good and the bad, and just so it’s clear which is which, I’ll follow the instance by declaring which it is. (To get the effect I had in mind, imagine the “That’s …!” line being said by a Greek – or geek! – chorus.)

I went to the doctor for a follow-up visit about a toenail situation, and the doctor was apparently determined not to spare me another office visit by completing a check-up as well.

“That’s bad!”

Thankfully, my doctor’s visit was for nothing more serious than a “toenail situation.”

“That’s good!”

I submitted two maintenance requests to the apartment manager, and although someone attempted to fix my leaky kitchen faucet, it is now leaking worse.

“That’s bad!”

It seems that maintenance did fix my leaky AC unit because the wet spot in my floor has been reduced from soaking wet to moist.

“That’s good!”

Earlier this week, I ran across a free-account limit that I didn’t know flickr had: they only show the 200 most recent pictures. I refuse to pay their upgrade fee, so now I’m stuck looking for a new photo gallery service.

“That’s bad!”

Earlier this week, my inspirational blog, which already has way more traffic than my personal blog, reached a new one day maximum of almost 160 hits.

“That’s good!”

Yesterday, I arrived at work to find a dead mouse by my garbage can.

“That’s bad!”

One of the guys removed the dead mouse for me and didn’t even chase me around with it.

“That’s good!”

Yes, overall it’s been a mix of good and bad. Hmm, what’s that called again? Oh, yeah. “Life.”

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