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you can’t get there from hair

How not to get the haircut you want:

1) Take pictures of yourself – from various angles – sporting a haircut that you like.

2) Print the pictures and take them with you on your next visit to the stylist.

3) Go to the same stylist that gave you the previous haircut.

4) Receive a haircut that was SO not what you wanted.

I admit, I’m at a loss for how number 4 results from the combination of 1, 2, and 3, but it does, or at least it did for me on Saturday. Was my hairstylist having a bad day? Were the four(!) pictures I took of the previous haircut not clear? Did I inadvertently signal that I wanted the shortest hairdo I’ve had in over twenty years? I wish I knew!

In any case, when I go for a haircut again – many, many weeks from now – I’ll do things differently. I’ll try a different salon, and instead of pictures, I’ll share only five simple words: “Trim just the ends, please.”

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