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til you sign it on the dotted line

“It don’t mean nothing, those words that they say.
No, it don’t mean nothing, these games that people play.
No, it don’t mean nothing, no victim, no crime.
No, it don’t mean nothing, ‘til you sign it on the dotted line.”
-Richard Marx, Don’t Mean Nothing

Two weeks ago, I learned that the company I work for is being sold to “Brand X.” This announcement was met with a general uneasiness because, despite Brand X’s generic claims to need us, they weren’t – and haven’t been – very proactive in signing the current staff up for employment. Despite the fact that I had found a great job to apply for in the Help Wanteds, I decided that I’d believe the Brand X people and stay where I was.

Until yesterday, that is, when an email I received from Human Resources gave me the impression that I was one of the few that were being looked at as dispensable. Whether or not that impression proves valid remains to be seen, but as I was feeling more than a little rejected by the realization that I might very possibly be let go, I sent a résumé in response to that ad. And while I was applying, I also responded to another ad.

Today I heard back from a recruiter about one of the jobs. We chatted, I expressed an interest in the job, and he said he’ll pass my résumé off to his client. Later this afternoon, I received an email from the second job asking me to call them.

I don’t know if either of these opportunities will pan out, but this response is already so much better than my last job hunting ordeal. As you may recall, it took me over two frustrating years to find my current job, and because of that, I truly dreaded the thought of having to seek employment again. Apparently, when you have even a couple of years of experience, it’s a slightly different ball game!

In any event, Brand X is supposed to talk to us at some point during the next two days about benefits, and several people think that they’ll let us know who gets to stay. I hope they do let us know soon … although now, in light of these other options, I honestly can’t say whether or not I want them to hire me.

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