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dog and pony show

That’s what my officemate calls the job hunting process, particularly when talking with a recruiter is required. It really is a “dog and pony show”, a big game where each of you tries to appear positive and enthusiastic about working together, knowing full well that you’ll take another offer in a heartbeat if it benefits you.

Last week, for example, it turns out that I had applied for the same job with two different recruiting agencies. I had brief phone interviews with each of them, but one of those was them primarily trying to get my information in order to add me to their database of job seekers. I haven’t heard a word about the job I was interested in, so yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on it at this point.

The sale of our company was supposed to be finalized this week, but it’s been pushed back another week. Yet, we still haven’t heard the first word about who’s being hired, etc. Maybe they think it goes without saying that we’ll all be kept on, at least on a trial basis. Still, they’re calling it a “rehire,” and I think that merits at least an offer letter. The silence is only frustrating everyone. Speculation and conspiracy theories fly around the office all day. It doesn’t exactly increase productivity, but there’s not much work coming in, so I guess that works out okay.

Trying to be proactive, my officemate and I sent emails to the vice-president, expressing our concern, but again, we haven’t heard a word from him. I know there’s a lot going on, but it’s been two days, and he can’t reply with a simple, “Thanks for letting me know, let’s talk when I’m in town next week”? If he doesn’t respond soon, we’ll know that the open-door policy they touted was just lip service. The other fear about getting no answer from him is that he knows we’re not going to be hired, so he’s really not interested in talking to us. As I said, speculation is rampant, and it tends to be on the negative side.

So, it looks like I’ll remain with the dogs and the ponies, smiling and prancing as I search out leads on other jobs.

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