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no email goes unpunished

Or should I say that no email goes un-ignored?

As I’ve mentioned, my company was to be sold to Brand X, and as previously griped, they have not been forthcoming with details about the new order, such as it were. After weighing the risks of speaking out versus grinning and bearing, my OfficeMate and I wrote to the new head of the department about our single biggest concern: please do not put the Checker Person back in charge of our “team.”

Well, the sale of the company was finalized this week. Dept Head was in town, and right before quitting time OfficeMate and I were called to a meeting along with Checker Person. Dept Head announced that CP would continue on in his team leader position.

I felt as if I had been punched.

Dept Head went on to say that we’re all important, and he’ll be in town quite a bit to help, and blah, blah, blah. It was asserted that the past is the past, and from this point on we are all a team. Did we have any questions, or gripes we wanted to air?

OfficeMate and I simply smiled in silence. As we agreed later, there’s nothing more to say. We said all that we could without flat out warning that if CP is put back in charge, we will both leave. We didn’t specifically say that because we didn’t want to start out that way with the new higher-ups. We were hoping they would read between the lines.

As I blogged earlier, I have been casually job hunting, and not just because of CP. With this change of company ownership, I’ve been wondering, since I’m starting over anyway, should I take this chance to move on? The question remained even today, as I had tried to decide whether Dept Head is the type of personality I can work for. And then came the meeting. From the way they’ve handled our sharing our concerns – not only ignoring our request but not even acknowledging that we’d written! – it appears that those questions have been answered. Loud and clear.

As I write this, I’m thinking of how embarrassing it will be if months pass, and I read this again, and I’m still with the same company. Believe me, it won’t just be embarrassing. It’ll be depressing beyond words. I definitely don’t want to rush into accepting the first job offer I get, but right now I’m fed up. I can’t imagine spending another day in that stress, and tomorrow if CP barks orders at me, I just may lose it.

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