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breaking up the band

Yesterday, as OfficeMate, Ex-Trainer Guy and I are still reeling from the ambush that I blogged about in the last entry, our new Team Leader decides, “Hey! What better time for me to really rub their faces in my newfound position of power?”

So he asks to speak to Ex-Trainer Guy in private. ETG reports later that TL tried to lay down the law, even going so far as to declare that he *is* the voice for our Houston-based department head. Keeping his cool, ETG said that he understands – but he still wants to talk to the department head. ETG did talk to Dept Head and was able to get a compromise on one of the new work “requirements.”

Oh, but TL wasn’t done there. He returns and declares that either OfficeMate or I must move out of that office into the nearby cubicle. “They” don’t like people sharing a space. “They” think we’ll just sit in there and talk about negative things. (Yes, those were his exact words. Note to higher-ups: if you’re concerned about us talking about negative things, give us something positive to talk about!)

Looking from me to OfficeMate, TL is all, “One of you can volunteer, or I can flip a coin…?” I guess he was so busy reaching for the coin that OM had to repeat saying that he would move. However, he did call TL on saying that “they” wanted it done. OM told TL, “I know who wanted it done, and I know why. And you do, too.” We *all* know why. Forgive the crudity, but TL has got to leave his mark on everything, like a dog stopping at every tree and hydrant.

So, OM moved out to the cubicle five feet away. I was a wreck for the rest of the day. I went to the restroom to cry twice at work, then I cried leaving work, and on the way to my apartment, and back at my apartment multiple times. I don’t even remember the last time I cried so much, and barring a tragedy, I don’t recall ever crying so many different times in one day. Last night – after another cry – I finally decided why I was so upset: all that pent-up stress from the last few months was coming out as I realized that it wasn’t going to get any better any time soon.

I woke up today with one eye puffy from the tearfest, but I felt more optimistic. OfficeMate, Ex-Trainer Guy and I are planning to go to lunch regularly. (Trying to keep us from talking, TL? Honey, you just gave us a reason to talk more!) We three will continue if not intensify our job hunts, and since our so-called team is only us and TL, I find great comfort in the thought of him being left solo, without a team to lead.

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