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time marches on

“Sister calls herself a sexy grandma.
Brother’s on a diet for high cholesterol.
Mama’s out of touch with reality.
Daddy’s in the ground beneath the maple tree.
As the angels sing an old Hank Williams song.
Time marches on, time marches on.”

~Time Marches On (by Tracy Lawrence)

I still miss you, Daddy.

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I think he prefers the abacus

This afternoon I went to a job interview. And you know those kind of interviews where everything seems to go just right? Yeah, well, this was *not* one of those.

It started off on the wrong foot when I told the receptionist that I was there to meet with Mr. McIntire. “There’s no one here by that name.” Apparently the guy scheduling the interview was not the same person I would actually be talking to. Oops.

Then the guy I did talk to, while very polite, seemed looking for reasons early on to dismiss me as a candidate for the job. When I said that part of my current job involves using software, he seemed to immediately jump to the conclusion that because I use a computer I do no thinking whatsoever. (Wait a mo . . . has he been talking to my current employer??)

The whole thing was such a fiasco that the interviewer actually left before it was over. He put me in another office to take some on-line aptitude/personality test, and when it was over, the receptionist was waiting outside. “He had to go out to the shop,” she said. “He said that you could just go, and he’ll call you later so you can talk again.” She stopped short of saying that if I bought that she’s got some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale, also.

The up side of having a snarky, superior interview person? Leaving the exchange glad they didn’t pick you because you do not want a person like that to be your new boss.

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birthday in the life

My birthday was a week ago yesterday, and although I had to work, I decided to try to capture the day in a photo essay. Alas, nothing especially photo-worthy was encountered, but then again, (I tell myself that) that brings a touch of realism to the project by showing some trivial everyday things.