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pit of random II

*Three times in the past two weeks I’ve been woken up by an alarm sounding somewhere outside. Thankfully, all three times it was within 30 minutes of the time I was going to get up anyway.

*After researching the cameras that will soon be on sale, I’ve decided on one that I want. Now, I’m preparing myself that the store will probably have sold out of them by the time I get there on Friday.

*Today, I cooked “over well” eggs for the first time, and later I plan to finish the latest email to my epal, Michele.

*Recently, I have been busily working to accomplish some website To Dos.

*Although it was April when I changed my hairstyle, I’m still not used to seeing myself with this look.

*I eagerly await the – so far unscheduled – release of season two of The Young Riders on DVD.

*A few weeks ago, I started eating fish again, but I haven’t told the people at work. It would simply mean too much to them.

*On Sunday, I bought six new pairs of socks. (Two packs of three.) The socks that I previously bought on two separate occasions were too tight in the ankles. So far, the new ones seem to work okay.

*When I renewed my apartment lease last month, they raised the rent $10.

*My boyfriend and I are planning to go to the new Greek restaurant in Huntsville this weekend, but I don’t think he remembers that.

*Does anyone know of a store that sells a parallel-to-USB printer cable? I’d rather not have to order it on-line.

*The stretch of Interstate 65 that crosses the Tennessee River in Alabama is really beautiful in the spring and fall.

*I hope that all of you have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. 🙂

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