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opportunity knocks (and sometimes emails)

Earlier this week I sent Happy New Year greetings to some of the people I know in real-life. Today, one of them – a former co-worker – sent a very nice response in which he mentioned that he knows of a company that is hiring.

That caught me by surprise. More than that, I was stunned, but in a good way. I mean, I was just trying to keep in touch with some friends. I didn’t mention anything personal – no “Hi, I’m job hunting, please help!” -I just sent a brief poem and what do I get? One little sentence with potentially life-changing implications. 

But again, in a good way. As I read that email, maybe it was the fact that it was morning and the whole day was before me, or maybe it was the way the sun was shining, or maybe it had something to do with the three cups of coffee I’d had, but this particular opportunity – and I didn’t even know any details about it – seemed so right, so close. Like it was mine if I wanted it, all I had to do was say the word.

I’ve actually heard about several jobs this week. One person clued me in on a possibility that is closer to home. Another person suggested a company near Birmingham which, although farther from home, is consistently on the list of the top 100 places to work. Then today I found an email from a recruiter asking whether I’m still job-hunting.

While I *love* the idea of getting a job closer to home (indeed, it is my goal to do so), lately I’ve gone from merely tolerating my job to actually liking it again. My boss has really lightened up, and now the atmosphere at work is SO much better than when I last wrote. A big part of that can also be attributed to our lack of work. Time goes by slowly without much to do, but it definitely helps ease the stress levels. Without being rushed to crank jobs out quickly, I can take my time with them, and just this week I’ve been able to get better acquainted with some of the finer points of my job. It almost feels like I’ve accomplished something!

So, for now, I don’t plan to pursue any of these leads. Oh, I’m well aware that my current job situation could change in a moment. My boss could go Mr. Hyde on me again. The work to be done could suddenly increase to where I’m expected to work 60 stress-filled hours a week. And of course, my employer could simply tell me to leave and not come back. (They’ve already fired one person this week.) Still, should the tide suddenly turn, I know who I’ll be calling first. Even if they don’t pan out, it’s nice to be reminded that I have options.

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