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gainfully unemployed

Shortly after I lost my job, I was sitting around listening to the radio with my sister. To amuse myself, I’d turn the lyrics into something job related, like “I Still Haven’t Found The Job I’m Looking For” by U2, and – my personal favorite – that classic remake by Hall & Oates, “You’ve Lost That Jobbing Feeling.”

After several days of up and down emotion, going from an optimistic, “I’ll find something. Something better!” to the highly disheartened “I’ll never find anything!!” I’m now leveling out somewhere closer to the upbeat end of the spectrum. (For now at least. Give me five minutes, and it could change.)

It helps that a recruiter called today. As I expected, the job he’s trying to fill is WAY south of here, near the Alabama-Florida state line actually. I said that I wasn’t interested in moving that far, but the guy – a nice recruiter, for a change – offered that I could think about it over the weekend and call him on Monday. Eh, why not. That’ll give me time to debate which is worse: being five hours away from my family or continuing an indefinite period of being unemployed. (Hmm. Tough call.)

In the mean time, I’m very glad to have website work to help keep me busy. Last week I finished the first part of adding a new layout to the Alias site, and I’m on track to finish the rest of the update this month.

Unless, of course, I wind up moving. :sigh:

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