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those things I do, jobless edition

As of the 16th, I will have been unemployed for three months. During that time, I’ve…

Finally stopped moping about being unemployed. Mostly. As my former boss used to say, “It is what it is.” I can either mope around, or I can use this time to try and accomplish something.

Been job hunting. Looking through the on-line job postings can be SO disheartening, but I’m feeling more focused in my search. So, I keep reminding myself that waiting for the right opportunity will be worth it, even if it takes a little time. I’ve also been reviewing my work history and preparing answers to common interview questions. I’m already feeling much more prepared. Hopefully by the time someone wants to talk to me, I’ll be more than ready.

Worked on my websites. I’ve finished three of the four “ambitious plans” that I outlined at the start of this year.

Watched six episodes of Simon & Simon on-line, and in honor of the *huge* crush I had on AJ during the show’s original run, I’m thisclose to writing fanfiction. I’ve also seen one episode of The Facts of Life and one episode of Miami Vice. (Yes, I’m a HUGE fan of cheezy 80s TV.)

Spent more time with the family than we’ve enjoyed in a long while. Since we can only make so much conversation, we’ve been watching tapes and DVDs of old TV shows and movies. We’ve watched so much of my collection that I’m now sorting through things I haven’t thought about in years, just so we can see something different. Earlier this week we watched Roman Holiday, which I taped 10 years ago and never watched. Eventually, we may have to subscribe to Netflix, or something.

Been getting organized. I organized my closets and gave away some things I never wear. I also sorted through my computer files and completed a major backup. Next I plan to tackle my paper files and – perhaps my biggest task of all – my assortment of “mementos”. (Hello, my name is Anne, and I’m a packrat.)

Worked in the yard at my mom’s place. It’s getting to the point where I actually enjoy it!

Seen my boyfriend. But only twice so far this year, because he’s been working so much.

Visited the doctor three times. Or I will have as of tomorrow, when I see a specialist about my ear, which has been stopped up for almost three weeks now. :sigh:

By the time I do get a job, my stuff (real and virtual) should be in good shape. And who knows, after all this, forty hours a week may feel like cutting back! 😉

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