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liars, bad liars, and list-makers

As of today, I’ve been unemployed for five and a half months. Between you and me, the novelty is starting to wear off.

As you may or may not know, I live in the vicinity of Huntsville, Alabama, and just this week, I saw it ranked on yet another list of cities that are “thriving” despite a bad economy. Is that right, list-maker people? Well, you couldn’t prove it by me. I’ve been applying to job openings in Huntsville (a.k.a That Marvelously Flourishing City) repeatedly for these five and a half months, and I’ve only had one interview. Apparently all the other job seekers in these neighboring, non-flourishing cities are applying for the same jobs.

The result is like actors in Hollywood: applicants are a dime a dozen, and employers can pick and choose their perfect candidate. Meanwhile, the rest of us wonder what is so powerfully wrong with us that we can’t get hired in such a hotbed of opportunity. :rollseyes:

And while I’m exposing the dark side of economic hype, I feel compelled to mention how my mother and my sister work for a company that frequently places high on lists of great companies to work for. One such list bragged how this company has never laid off a single employee. Maybe they haven’t terminated anyone – and that’s a big maybe, btw – because of low business levels, but they *do* drastically cut the hours of their part-time people. For example, this week my sister is only working two days, and my mother isn’t working at all. A job with no hours is a lot like being laid off, and, needless to say, plenty of people leave voluntarily, taking jobs elsewhere because they need more income.

Moral of the story: don’t believe everything people list.

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new layout

I just completed a major overhaul of my so-called personal site. I started this project months ago, but I’d work on a layout for a while and then decide I didn’t like it. I did that three times (or was it four?), and I find it ironic that the theme I started out with was “Perfection is my enemy.”

In any event, after *hours* spent finalizing it – both yesterday and today – it’s ready.

Now I can move on to the next overhaul…

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she shall see Chelle?

Lately, I’ve been reading my past journal entries, and I noticed where – in early 2001 – I had grumbled about my old friend Chelle’s “know-it-all attitude”, and about her trying to set me up with her friend’s brother (who is six years my junior, btw). This led me to wonder if maybe Chelle finally got around to checking out my site, read that, and is peeved about it. And this is why, in response to the lengthy catch-up letter I sent her last Christmas, she responded with only a photo postcard of her boys. And also why when I emailed her (along with a few other people) to wish her a Happy New Year, I received no response whatsoever.

Yes, I was a wee bit snarky in what I wrote, but I honestly didn’t think it was anything to be angry over. When I consider sending the link to my site to someone I know in real-life, I’m always aware that I may have written something about them. So if I go ahead and send it, I’ve obviously deemed the content suitable for sharing. Besides that, those who know me should know well that I’m decidedly not a mean-spirited person.

If she *is* angry about what I wrote, I have only one question for her: wouldn’t *you* have felt the same way I did, if you had been in my shoes?

Okay, two questions: is an eight-year-old journal entry worth holding a grudge over?

Chelle, if you read this, I hope you’ll email me sometime, because I really would love to hear what’s going on with you. However, if you no longer want to hear from me, please let me know, because I plan to keep sending you letters at Christmas-time – although you’ll probably find them considerably shorter than the last one.